Health and Safety

Manchester Window Cleaners’ priority is to give our clients a professional service, but with zero risk to health and safety. We consider the Health & Safety of employees, clients and members of the public to be of paramount importance.


We are constantly monitoring, reviewing and improving our procedures to reduce any possible hazards that may arise in the workplace.

A free Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) will be produced for your business upon request.

The environment in which Manchester Window Cleaners’ staff work is always safe and secure. We can guarantee no risk to people or damage to property or the environment.

Where there is a risk, areas are cordoned-off and signed for safety. This will never impact on your business. As you would expect from a professional service, Health & Safety always comes top of our priority list.

Given the range of situations in which we work, it is imperative that all plant and equipment is in good working order and all staff wear correct PPE (personal protective clothing) whilst in the working environment. Regular checks are made to ensure this is the case. High visibility clothing will be worn where appropriate.

Our staff wear clothing with our “Manchester Window Cleaners” logo clearly visible. All staff are highly skilled in different aspects of window cleaning and are trained to work efficiently and effectively.

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