First, a little myth-buster. The brush-head on a water-fed window cleaning system is quite unlike a conventional household brush. You’d be surprised by how many people think a regular yard brush-head is stuck on the end of a pole.

The brush-heads on water-fed systems have thousands of very long, thin nylon strands that are very soft. The idea is not to scrub the windows clean, but (when used along with the spraying pure-water) to turn the pollution and dust on windows into a liquid state.
The brush-heads are so soft that there will never be any damage to the windows or frames, even painted window frames. Your windows will not get scratched!

The reason why understanding how a water-fed brush-head work, comes down to technique.
If you ever have the opportunity to see a window cleaner with a reach and wash system at work…he’s usually cleaning the windows incorrectly.

We know what your thinking…”it’s not rocker-science, mate”. True, but like most things in life. There are techniques and skills that need to be employed to ensure a perfect job.

You may find the window cleaner “scrubbing” the window with his brush head, then moving on to the next window. Or alternatively, not scrubbing the windows, just simply spraying water onto the windows.

To clean the windows correctly both techniques are vital.

First, the entire window is cleaned with the brush-head. The best method is to push the head around the inside of all four edges of the window frame, then go up and down the window until the entire window has been covered. (All of the time, pure water is spraying onto the window surface).
This action, as described above, simply turns the pollution on the window into a liquid state. Each droplet of water on the window will hold a particle of dust.
If the cleaning process stopped here, the water would evaporate and the dust would return back to the window.

Stage two, the window is rinsed. From the top left, across and then back and forth down the window, with the brush-head away from the window’s surface, the pure water spray rinses the dust, pollution and any residue away.

Either because of poor training, or dare we say, laziness, most window cleaners do not use this technique. Hence poor quality windows and unfortunately the reach and wash window cleaning system getting an unwarranted bad reputation.

Next; why the water-fed window cleaning system is the best method for health and safety and public liability reasons.

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